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                       whomever you fear

                                      fear me  m o r e ]

     ”Lookin’ sharp, mate.”

     Can’t say the same for himself, unfortunately. His hair had grown out a little longer since the last time they crossed paths, and there was an air to his voice that just didn’t sound right. He blamed it on his surroundings, for the most part — because Heaven knows he hadn’t been in Boston for quite some time.

     You adapt to your environment, they say.

     Kol wouldn’t put it in so many words, but that’s beside the point.

     ”My sincerest apologies for not being the life of the party as of late. Problems to tend to in the south, as you might have heard. But I would recommend keeping your outings to a minimum — big plans, you and I.”

     He’s thinking Wales.  

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Nobody. Maybe the word I’m looking for is…disapproval. Seeing as apparently your skills are so much better. I see you haven’t lost your confidence at all. 


One thousand some odd years of experience in stark contrast to seventeen years says enough, I’d think. I see you’re still ever so bold - but, you know what they say, darling. If you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.


"I’m not just going to tell some strange guy where my brother is. At least give me your name." Aiden comments, pulling out his cell phone.


     If he had a dime for every time someone called him ‘strange’ (or anything similar)—-



Somehow I knew you’d say that Slugger. 


Why the sudden interest in who I’m having sex with?

Who said it was an interest? 

fracturedxinnocence sent: I SPY A RANI

who is rani

xsingletouch sent: Kol. ;smiles widely; Hello.


Well. What a pleasant surprise.